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#2 Album


Truck Tracks Ruhr #2

Album Recklinghausen

01/06 - 18/06/2016


Germany's Ruhr Area ("Ruhrgebiet") takes the stage in 49 moments. Refocused and enriched by short audio files. Over the course of one year, 49 new views will be staged of the Ruhr Valley. A truck as a mobile auditorium drives through the city of Recklinghausen, opens the view trhough a window and frames the city outside like the portal of a theater.

Album #2 Recklinghausen is the second tour of Truck Tracks Ruhr, a concept by Rimini Protokoll, produced by Urbane Künste Ruhr, which will also tour through five other cities of the region.

  • Curator
    • Aljoscha Begrich
  • Co-production
    • Kunsthalle Recklinghausen
  • Co-production
    • Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen
  • Artists
    • Clemens Meyer and Johannes Kirsten (Leipzig), Ersan Mondtag (Berlin), Tobias Rausch (Berlin), Katia Reshetnikova (Moskau),
    • Mariola Brillowska (Hamburg), Andreas Kebelmann (Recklinghausen) and Robert Schmidt (Berlin),
    • Soeren Voima (Äkäslompolo)
  • Music
    • Frank Böhle